United Youth Leaders of Barbados - Registered Charity #901

Sub Groups

 The United Youth Leaders of Barbados is divided into four (4) divisions.  These groups were created to cater for our members needs, passions and provide a platform/forum where young people can learn, train and lobby for change on the respective issues. All four of the groups are headed by a group leader who is charged with the responsibility to sensitize its members and ensure that each group completes at least two (2) projects 

The names and focus of the groups are as follows:

1. Poverty and Human Development: “Community Service”

  • Human Rights Education
  • Charity and Community Service
  • Leadership Development(internal or external)
  • Humanitarian Training

2. Teen Issues: “Education”
  • Sexual Transmitted Diseases Education
  • Drug Abuse Awareness 
  •  Early Childhood Education
  •  Anti Social and Behavioral Patterns
3. Environment and Health: “Healthy Lifestyle”
  •  Health Science and Awareness
  • Fitness and Physical Education
  • Healthy Life Style
  • Adventure and Outdoor Initiatives

 4. Arts and Sports: “Inspiration/Motivation”
  • Leadership Team Development
  • Creative and Performing Arts
  • Fitness and Community Games
  • Physical Education

        Community Service 


           Food Drive

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